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VIP card

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一、the VIP card to enjoy preferential terms
1、room concessions
●  Guest rooms are entitled to preferential rates, i.e., 62% off (except for statutory holidays, red bayberry festivals and major festivals);
●  A single use of more than 20 rooms, or stay for more than 30 days, you can enjoy the hotel team room prices, the specific price may be discussed separately;
●  The hotel guests complimentary breakfast free (each room up to two);

2、 restaurant discount
●  Food and beverage consumption enjoy 20 percent off discount, the following consumption can not enjoy preferential discounts;
  (except for statutory holidays, red bayberry festivals and major festivals);
  1) drinks, drinks, cigarettes, specials;
  2) buffet, table, standard menu, banquet consumption;
  3) abalone, abalone, wings, seafood and other valuable dishes;

3、the hotel corresponding entertainment places enjoy 10 percent off discount (except outsourcing place)

4、the relevant interpretation right to the hotel all

二、 VIP card handling

  1、 the VIP card to charge 200 yuan card fees, if the first recharge 5000 yuan more than the sum of free charge card fees, prepaid 10000 yuan to send rooms, enjoy preferential gift certificate renewals recharge.

  2、the VIP card for the need to provide the cardholder's valid documents and the signing of VIP card agreement, you need to carefully read and approve the VIP card agreement content.

  3、Please keep this VIP card properly. If the VIP card is lost, please contact the hotel finance department for 0575-82172868.
  The VIP card is available at the hotel main desk, restaurant counter.